Promote Your Music Effectively with Facebook Insights

This is the first part of our “DIY Music Promotion” blog series, where we share some online strategies and tips that have helped us get our music heard.

We like the “do it yourself“ aspect of promoting music online. Most bands only have a limited budget to get their music heard so, free social media sites and blogs can become extremely useful. We want to share some tips that have helped us promote our music.

This blog series will go in-depth on music promotion tools such as social media, blogging and advertising.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are one of the easiest and most effective social media tools to promote your band online. However, Facebook has throttled page managers’ reach in an effort to reduce spam. They are trying to ensure that content users see is engaging and enjoyable. This is often very frustrating for bands or musicians who’s posts don’t get displayed to their entire audience. Facebook encourages you to “promote” your posts with ads, however, this article will focus on non-paid posts… Let’s be real, we could better use that money somewhere else, like in the studio, gas money or for some new merch.

Basically, the best way to get your Facebook posts seen is make them interesting. Facebook insights allows you to determine how interesting your audience found them.

Facebook Insights

Facebook pages offers some pretty powerful analytics in the “Insights” tab to help you figure out what type of posts have been effective for you. Go to the “Posts” link to see which posts got the most reach and engagement.

Facebook Insights - Post Details

Understanding Reach

Reach is the total number of views on your post, from both fans and non fans. For example your fan likes or shares a post and one of their friends sees the post. Those views are factored into your total reach. Reach counts both your organic (free) views and paid views.

Understanding Post Clicks

Post clicks are NOT your link clicks, likes or shares! Post clicks are when a user clicks to expand a post, view a photo, play a video, etc.

Likes, Comments & Shares

This is the total count of all of those! Pretty straightforward. Facebook only wants to show users posts that others have liked, shared or commented on.

Other metrics

There is a drop down that allows you to view your post hides, hide of all posts, reports of spam, unlikes of page. This is often overlooked but it can be very useful to see if your posts are annoying, spammy or offensive.

When Your Fans are Online

This tab is for understanding when your audience is online. Look for peak times to get the most out of your posts. This is exceptionally useful for scheduling posts. If you aren’t scheduling your posts already, you should be! Hootsuite makes life much easier by allowing you to schedule posts across multiple social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Facebook Insights - When Your Fans are Online

Post Type

The Type column uses icons to represent what kind of post was made. Type is broken down by links, photos and statuses.

Facebook Insights Post Type

Top Posts from Pages You Watch

See the top performing posts from other musicians, bands, promoters and get ideas from what works for them.

Create Interesting Posts!

Look at your Facebook insights, figure out what works with your audience and repeat. This is what we look at when creating our posts, we hope it can help you! Share your thoughts below.