In the Studio for Our 2nd EP – Updates

We are back in the studio, working hard on putting out our second EP, with three crushingly heavy new tracks. We are tracking with Nick Borgosz at World of Noise Recording Studio, who did an amazing job with our first EP, The Offering. This EP is going to be a drastic improvement over our first recording.

Ryan in the Studio
Me pretending to know how to play guitar.

This time around, I’m rocking my new, 10th anniversary Ibanez Prestige, with a Dimarzio Crunch Lab bridge pickup. The guitar tones are going to sound nasty! Nick has made many improvements to his studio and his recording techniques that even in the rough editing stages have proven to be a huge difference in sonic quality. Including new techniques to record kicks that will allow for easy editing and overall more dynamic sounding drums.

J.R. in the studio
J.R. getting ready to track drums. Probably breaking something.

Jorge in the studio
Jorge laying down some heavy ass bass lines with his 5 string.

The new songs will show how Diceros has grown as a band and we really look forward to sharing it with you! However, originally anticipated to release early spring, we have to push it back due to the recent change in lineup. Our new vocalist, Chris is working diligently to put new lyrics and melodies to the existing tracks as we finish up the remainder of the guitar tracks. We are so pumped for this studio release we made a promo video for it.

Stay tuned for more studio updates… In the meantime, share in the comments if you know the obscure reference this is playing off! Hint: It’s an indie video game.