Buffalo Dirtfest 3

Dirtfest 3 – Buffalo Metal Fest

Dirtfest 3 is a three day Buffalo metal fest that will be taking place June 13th-15th at Broadway Joe’s. Nick Sallee of Sailboat Entertainment is putting it on for the 3rd time and we are excited to be a part of it!

Each day is split by metal sub genre. Day 1 is the hardcore/beatdown style bands, Day 2 is metalcore, and Day 3 is progressive metal and rock. Each night will include an out of town headliner. Diceros will perform on Day 2. Time slots are based on sales, so help us get a good spot and buy a ticket! We will be playing with our good friends in The Long Cold Dark and Skinbound as well as As Summer Dies, Blueshift and The Lime Line.

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Dirtfest Day 1

Day 1 headlining band, Towers.

  • Towers – Deathcore
  • Dishonored – Beatdown / Hardcore
  • Scenery with Solace – Metalcore / Hardcore
  • Makhai – Metal / Hardcore
  • A Stranger to Remorse – Groove Metal
  • Oceans of Sienna – Deathcore
  • Norm From Cheers – Metalcore

Dirtfest Day 2

Day 2 headlining band, East of the Wall, from New Jersey.

  • East Of The Wall – Metal
  • As Summer Dies – Metal / Gothic
  • Skinbound – Metal / Rock
  • The Long Cold Dark – Metal
  • Blueshift – Progressive Hard Rock
  • Diceros – Metalcore
  • The Lime Line – Rock

Dirtfest Day 3

Day 3 headlining band, Narrow Hearts, from Milwaukee, WI.

  • Narrow Hearts – Hardcore / Metal
  • Lakota De Kai – Hardcore / Punk
  • With Life Comes Death – Post Hardcore / Metal
  • No Promises, No Regrets -Metalcore / Post Hardcore
  • Shroud of Turin – Metal / Progressive
  • Amputecht – Djent / Progressive Metal
  • Vitals – Metal
  • Kings & Kingdoms – Post Hardcore / Metalcore

Show starts at 5:00pm at Broadway Joes Bar and Grille in Buffalo NY 14214. Tickets are $10 presale per day, $13 doors per day, $15 3 day passes online available online.

16+ with valid state I.D. or with your parent/legal guardian
Please park across the street at the Metro lot or Aldi, do not park on the side of the donut shop, the owner will tow you.
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